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Flame Resistant Clothing


Flame Resistant Clothing

  • With its new line of flame resistant clothing products, Protecta reinforces its focus on protecting the life and integrity of workers in situations of risk, such as arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash.

    Protecta has the most modern manufacturing process in the market; it offers a 100% national and own production (not outsourced), ensuring full attention to the production process and independence in the adoption of the best practices.

    The flame resistant clothing products manufactured by Protecta are submitted to a rigorous quality control process that include flammability, strength, shrinkage and solidity tests.


  • Protecta arc flash protection

    People who work with energized machines or near them should wear a flame retardant uniform. In power generation, transmission or distribution, wearing proper clothing shows the company’s concern about safety. The arc flash protection products manufactured by Protecta offer maximum efficiency, attested through rigorous strength tests, and better quality when compared to similar imported products.

    Protecta flash fire protection

    Flash fire occurs with sudden flame displacement in environments where the combination of air and fuel can lead to explosion. This type of protection is essential in gas & oil companies, chemical plants, offshore platforms, metallurgical companies, steel plants and any other activity involving a risk of explosion.

    Protecta molten metal splash protection

    High temperatures, typical of the metallurgical industry, and molten metal splashes during the production, may represent high risks to workers. For these cases, besides extreme protection, the products manufactured by Protecta offer superior insulation for molten metal applications, preventing flame propagation and ensuring thermal comfort.


    ● The flame resistant clothing may be 100% cotton or 88% cotton + 12% polyamide; all of them are inherently flame retardant products.

    ● The clothes are produced in specific models and sizes designed according to the customer’s needs.

    ● Customer service quality and products that are ready for delivery.

    ● 100% own production

    ● Specialized technical team

    ● Deliveries to the national territory only

    ● Clothes recognized in the market as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

    ● These clothes protect workers exposed to situations of risk, caused by arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash, for instance.

    ● Recommended to power generation, transmission and distribution companies, chemical and petrochemical companies, bioenergy companies, metallurgical and steel plants, and industrial plants in general.

    Besides the advantages above, Protecta develops uniformization projects that fulfill the user’s expectation in terms of comfort and protection and the company’s durability and cost-benefit needs.

  • Characteristics

    ● Resists to washing without changing the fabric grammage.

    ● Excellent thermal protection.

    ● Fiber of high mechanical resistance, which extends the life of clothes.

    ● Comfort and smoothness.

    ● No pilling.

    ● Excellent solidity to light after successive washing

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