About Protecta



PROTECTA® line was launched in 2008 by Aunde Coplatex to promote competitiveness and safety in the armoring and bulletproof vest market. Fibers. fabrics, panels and other PROTECTA® products offer extraordinary performance as ballistic protection and anti-puncture materials. That is a result of our tradition in technological products, textile know-how and continuous research and laboratory tests for the development of excellent products.

Aunde Coplatex was created in 1976, aiming to become the main supplier of automotive coatings in Brazil. With constant focus on innovation and technology, the company grew fast and became market leader in the 1980s. Today, it is the leader in technological trends of the industry. It has a 90,000 m2 industrial complex, which uses the German technology from Aunde Global, its controller.

And the key to Coplatex success is simple and effective: invest in productivity and practice fair prices. Even with common economic crisis and instability in Brazil, Coplatex has become the world’s most vertical company in its segment and has its role in the history of automotive history in Brazil.

PROTECTA, Bulletproof Protection

Competitive Advantages

100% national production

A complete product line for automotive and architectural armoring, bulletproof vests, anti-puncture panels and accessories.

Own laboratory for product testing.

Full control over production process.

Fast and efficient technical support.

Research and development combined with the best technologies worldwide.


Have the highest level of customer satisfaction with products and services of excellent quality and competitive cost, seeking continuous improvement of our processes, with ethics, employee appreciation and respect for the society.


Be a global reference in innovation in the textile, armoring, and personal protection equipment segments.


Responsibility, Respect for Human Beings, Transparency, Ethics, Discipline, Focus, and Innovation.